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‘A Shocking Tale’ – A Times Book of the Week

‘A racy, poignant read.. Regency England’s version of Brangelina, Kimye and Tomkat filled the gossip columns for more than two decades – and OMG! Their scandals would break the internet today.‘  The Daily Mirror

‘Roberts book truly is a page-turner that surpasses any work of Regency fiction…the author’s meticulous research is commendable.’  BBC History Magazine

‘A compelling and heart-wrenching debut which unlocks the secrets of a high society scandal that gripped Regency England.’  Lancashire Evening Post

‘A great story’ – Observer

‘Roberts treats her sensational subject matter with sincerity, conveying the full force of Catherine’s tragedy.’ – Country Life

‘Fascinating… Roberts does an outstanding job of bringing this dark take to life, and her book truly is a page turner.’ – Hallie Rubenhold 

‘Roberts leaves no stone unturned in telling this compelling tale of fortune and folly. She brings the Regency world into vivid life in describing the dangerous allure of a feckless man’. – Elizabeth Fremantle

‘The Angel and the Cad’ is about the Regency… an age of fabulous wealth and excess, of duels, debt, mistresses, betrayals, throbbing loins, slashed wrists, and, ultimately… of real and moving tragedy.’ – Oldie Magazine

‘Geraldine Roberts gives a compassionate look at two wholly disparate personalities and the wider society in which they span their elegant, and ultimately ruinous, lives.’ –  History Revealed Book of the Month

It dawned on me while reading this mostly excellent book that here we have, in the courtship and marriage of Catherine Tylney Long and William Wellesley Pole, the archetypal plot and theme of every single English novel, from Jane Austen to the Brontës, to Thackeray, Dickens and Bram Stoker… ie, the erotic tussle between a well-shaped virgin and a cold and crafty demon, with money and inheritance thrown into the mix…[The events described are so detailed] you would swear Roberts had been there – Roger Lewis, The Times

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